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Antimicrobial Coatings for Cleaner Menus

Keeping your menus clean and safe for guest use is a top priority. Cleveland Menu offers a variety of antimicrobial products for different applications designed to create cleaner menu surfaces for long-term protection. Our antimicrobial products use proven silver ion technology to prevent the proliferation of bacteria, mold and mildew, keeping your menus cleaner longer.

Ultra-Fresh® Antimicrobial Technology
Ultra-Fresh® antimicrobial treatment is applied to all menus printed on our exclusive Durapoly waterproof and tear-proof synthetic paper at no additional cost.

Download more information here: Ultra-Fresh® PDF.

Ultra-Fresh® is a registered trademark from Thomson Research Associates Inc., Toronto, Canada.

BioLam™ Lamination Film
BioLam™ is a thermal lamination film that can be applied to a range of printed substrates to protect them from microbial growth, as well as everyday wear and tear.

Download more information here: BioLam™ PDF.

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QR Codes for a Contactless Menu Experience

With our custom QR code solution, Cleveland Menu can convert your menu into a paperless mobile version that offers guests a safe, contactless ordering experience. All guests have to do is scan the code with the camera on their mobile device and it will take them to a landing page displaying your menu. Your menu can be made available as a downloadable PDF or a mobile-friendly page. A single QR code can host multiple menus for different meal periods or even different restaurants.

Our system lets you make updates to your menu(s) instantly and repeatedly without having to update your QR code every time.

You can also control the scheduling of your menu(s), setting when they can be accessed by guests.

Our custom solution includes adding your logo and brand colors to the QR code vehicle.

Easy to Implement
Once you have your QR code set up, make sure guests can easily access it by having it printed on branded signage, table tents, and more. We offer a variety of QR code delivery vehicles, from single-use coasters, to durable, fully sanitizable stickers and table tents printed on synthetic stock.

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Your menu’s main job is marketing,
so look at it as an advertisement that your customers interact with. It has to be right.


Graphic Design for Maximum Impact

Cleveland Menu can take your concept and branding, apply our decades of experience crafting menus that work, and deliver a final product that creates a positive customer experience that supports your brand and helps make your business successful.

A menu is much more than just a list of available options arranged on a piece of paper. Yes, it exists to inform diners what is available, but is also there to highlight items that are popular, easy to create, and / or provide the most profit contribution. It exists to persuade customers to choose these items.

Cleveland Menu isn’t trying to replace your in-house graphic designer or agency but we can help you on your design and print projects. Because we understand the printing process, we know the factors that can drive costs up, and, more importantly, down. We understand graphic design, prepress, printing and binding operations so we suggest ways to enhance and improve your design projects.

Our in-house design team also offers the convenience of managing a single relationship for your project. We can work with your designer or agency from concept to delivery, delivering you value and on-time results.

Cleveland Menu can manage:

  • Complex design projects
  • 6-color process printing
  • Digital printing
  • UV printing
  • Printing and silk screening on a wide variety of materials and substrates

If your time is short and resources are limited, Cleveland Menu has designers that understand the printing process, think and communicate visually, and can create menus that deliver maximum impact.


We’ve perfected menucraft - the design and production of high quality and durable printed, leather, metal and wood menu covers.


Printing Expertise 90 Years in the Making

Not a Restaurant? Not a Menu? Not a Problem!

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Cleveland Menu has been taking care of the printing needs of the hospitality industry since 1930. We have spent the last 90 years perfecting our skills, building our knowledge, and expanding our service offerings while taking care of our clients with unrivaled customer service.

Nine decades of experience have taught us a thing or two and what really separates us from other printers is that our in-house production allows us to craft your custom menu covers to any size or shape requested. Any printer can put ink on paper, but Cleveland Menu can provide:

  • Graphic design
  • Typesetting
  • 6-color offset printing
  • Digital printing
  • UV silk screening
  • Single color inserts
  • Multi color inserts
  • Offset lithography
  • Lamination
  • Spiral binding
  • Foil stamping, embossing and debossing
  • Die-cutting

Cleveland Menu is unique in two very significant ways. First, our customer service experience is without equal. We treat your projects like they are our projects. Your deadlines are our deadlines. Your goals are our goals. Sharing ownership of your projects means that your successes are our successes. We take that responsibility seriously.

Second, we are experts in the hospitality industry, crafting menus that create positive customer experiences that support your brand and help make your business successful. Restaurants, bars, cruise lines, hotels, and retirement communities can count on our experience. We can confidently say that no one can craft better menus than Cleveland Menu.


You spend a great deal of time and
energy creating the items on your menu.
Your menu deserves the same care and effort.


From Concept to Final Product - Menus Are All We Do

Click here to view our portfolio.

Cleveland Menu has been designing and crafting menu covers for the hospitality industry since 1930. We are the only in-house printer and bindery that only designs and manufactures menus.

Your menu has a very important job. It sets the tone for the entire dining experience and communicates your brand’s personality, story, and promise. As soon as your customer feels a heavy leather menu cover, or a rustic wood menu cover, or a sleek metal menu cover, they will understand your brand story.

You want to be proud of the menu you hand to your customers and Cleveland Menu will help you design the perfect menu cover for your restaurant.

Formal menu covers communicate a high-end dining experience and are crafted with high-quality and elegant leather, metal and wood that cradle your menu paper to differentiate you from competitors and impress your customers.

Casual menu covers can be created with soft or hard covers with plastic pockets that hold your printed menu. Our casual menu covers are durable, good looking, and convey an informal and casual quality that your diners can appreciate.

Cleveland Menu doesn’t just offer “off the shelf” designs and products because we believe your menu cover should be as unique as your menu. We call it menucraft, and we’ve perfected it.

We can craft your custom menu covers to any size, any shape, and from any material you need. If you can conceive it, we can create it. We’d love to learn about your unique project so contact us today.



You know how to treat your customers,
diners and guests. We know how to treat
your menu products. Together, we’re a
winning combination!


We Can Craft Anything That Helps Your Customers Make a Choice

Menus, table tents, guest directories, wine lists, café covers, dessert menus… Cleveland Menu helps your guests and customers make a choice. We’ve been doing it since 1930, and we can confidently say that no one is better at it than we are.

Cleveland Menu can create and craft any menu product that you need. We can help you create anything that helps your customers make a choice and that accurately communicates your brand promise.

Cleveland Menu is a specialist in crafting:

  • Café Covers to keep your paper menus clean with clear vinyl panels, double-row stitching and reinforced corners.
  • Check Presenters that support your brand while keeping track of your customers’ credit cards and cash.
  • Wine and Cocktail covers that make an impact
  • Wine and Beer Flight Boards
  • Formal and casual Table Tents to promote your drink and dessert specials on your tables, bar or countertops.
  • Placemats
  • Door Hangers
  • Banquet and Catering
  • Promotional banners

Check out our menu product portfolio and contact us for a creative consultation on your next menu project!

This is our craft. We call it menucraft, and we’ve perfected it.


We’ll take care of the menucraft for you.
We’ve perfected it, after all.


For Ultimate Corporate Online Menu Management, Use MenuMaker

If you have the need to create a menu template for your franchisees or individual locations to customize, but don’t have a Heidelberg printing press or bindery to manufacture them, Cleveland Menu offers our proprietary MenuMaker software.

MenuMaker allows multi-unit operators to post menus online that individual stores or franchise groups can use to create their specific menus.

When we receive a menu template from the corporate operator, our programmers make that template editable in HTML format so that individual stores or franchisees can change items and prices. MenuMaker then generates PDF proofs for review and allows them to be sent into print production. It is true online menu management!

Key benefits of MenuMaker:

  • Central online menu management for beverage mandates and corporate compliance
  • No waiting on manual proofs from a designer
  • Menus can be created 24 / 7 at your convenience
  • Automated email notifications letting menu approvers know that a menu has been submitted
  • Full integration with Cleveland Menu’s internal print production process; when a menu is approved by the restaurant it goes straight to production
  • The process is controlled by the user – it goes at your pace

For a demo of MenuMaker, and to learn if it is right for your business, contact us for a consultation!


We can create and produce any menu design in any format to create uniqueness for your brand. Out of the ordinary? We do it every day.


After Creating Menus for Nearly 90 Years, We’ve Got a Few Tricks Up Our Sleeve!

Cleveland Menu has been designing, printing and crafting menus since Babe Ruth played in his first all-star game, but we have always been on the cutting edge of technology and creativity.

Cleveland Menu offers several proprietary products and materials that can make your menu a rock star:

  • Durapoly synthetic paper – Cleveland Menu can print on synthetic paper that is water-resistant and tear-proof, making your menu durable and almost indestructible.
  • Ultralux synthetic menu holders – Ultralux is a plastic material which can be printed with UV ink, creating an extremely durable option for areas where water and humidity is a concern.
  • Rockboard menu boards – Rockboard is similar to wood but is more durable and lightweight, making it perfect for distinctive and unique menu boards and covers.

Cleveland Menu offers a state-of-the-menu-art UV screen printing press that can print on non-traditional mediums like metal, wood, and acrylic. It’s not something your nephew with the really cool laser printer can do, so please, do not try this at home!

For a peek at these top secret, super-cool materials, contact us to learn more (before your competition does!)